Why Should You Not Be Choosing Harvard Business School for MBA?

Education system has been now distorted to a mere Certification Industry across the world! The big brands in the name of quality education, gigantic infrastructure, and colossal corporate linkages cost you your lifelong savings. Getting a branded degree has become a ritual in our society. Beyond the shadow of any disbelief, a branded MBA degree provides you with so many perks like a groomed resume, access to better jobs, opportunity to build a better network, often promotions after getting job and above all it puts you under a limelight especially if , none of your Kiths & Kins comes from the equally prestigious and branded business school you have come from.

There's always a temptation to buy more degrees, certifications, or anything else that gets you more "prestige" and makes you seem more qualified. But does getting a branded degree do it all? What one should rely, on the cover page of a book or the inside matters! Should a target of a student be conferred just to get admission into the Top most and famous Business School like Harvard, which cuts your pocket by $ 150K and above or to be a good potential Business administrator? And yes, business school is different and much more than just another certification.

Going to a top MBA program helps. It may narrow the gap between you and former bulge bracket investment investment bankers but that alone will not work out. This decision should be pretty much intelligent. Yes, although this is something like, estimating numbers of mangoes before we start seeding. But definitely, this is an Einsteinic calculation as you might be burning your hands with numerous dollars. This sounds like an enduring investment plan which might put you in debts for a longer period than it gives you crop.

The reality is that people take business school like Harvard as a magical bullet-a way to break into finance when all else has failed or when you have no shot normally. Parents wish that their dear kid gets a label of an MBA from Harvard, for which they never fluctuate to pay off anything but the truth is if you will try to make a pig sing, it will only waste your time and pig annoyed! MBA program from a top most B-School may help but it won't level the playing field.

The wise and witty brain must think and evaluate the fruitage and clods before decaying procured dollars on Harvard label as "A pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood".

Source by Mansi Soni

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