Top 5 Harvard Movies

# 5 Stealing Harvard

Tom Green & Jason Lee turn to crime to 'Steal Harvard'. Lee attempts to steal $ 30,000 to fund his niece's tuition for entrance to the world's most prestigious university. The premise here being that Harvard's expense prohibits students from applying – the reverse is true.

Harvard's financial aid is the best in America and enables students from all backgrounds to enter.The movie, much like the premise, is shaky. But nonetheless, good fun.

# 4 Homeless To Harvard

A rags to riches tale, a true Cinderella story. Homeless To Harvard follows Liz Murray's journey. Beset by a father with drug-abuse problems and a schizophrenic mother, Murray found herself homeless at 15. Yet incredibly earned her place as a Harvard undergraduate by 19. Homeless To Harvard earned Emmy nominations and critical praise alike.

# 3 Legally Blonde

Starring Stanford's own and chick-flick extraordinaire, Reese Witherspoon, Legally Blonde is a tale of romantic ideals beset by the snooty, intimidating cast of Harvard. The movie is notable, if for nothing else, the hilarious admissions video. And, of course, that blonde's and good gal's can come first.

# 2 The Social Network

Harvard's has given the world Presidents, Astronauts & Nobel Laureates. It has also created leaders in technology and social media, none more so than the world's youngest billionaire and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

The movie casts its lens on the rise of Facebook from concept to reality and the legal battles that ensued between Zuckerberg and his former partners, notably the Winklevoss twins. Critics note the portrayal of Facebook's origin is not accurate and Zuckerberg is unfairly cast. These critics also note The Social Network as an outstanding movie.

# 1 Good Will Hunting

One of the great films of all time, at least in this lowly author's opinion. Matt Damon was once famously a student of Harvard only to leave believing movie, Geronimo, would be his breakthrough. However, that wouldn't come until 1997 and the release of Good Will Hunting.

Damon co-wrote the movie with friend Ben Affleck; the tale of its production inspires much like the story. The friends rejected successive script bids adamant that they be cast in the lead roles. Ultimately, Mirimax bought the script and the rest, as they say, is Hollywood and Harvard history.

Harvard, and its students, are so often cast as aloof and intimidating. The reverse is also true. Harvard has given the world great thinkers, humanitarians and benefactors. The Harvard story has only just begun.

Source by Jamie Buckley

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