How to Get Into Harvard in 7 Easy Steps

Take care of your GPA from freshman year This is a no-brainer but should be said anyway. Some students like to slack-off after middle school – it's a new environment, you may not have a solid group of friends, you're still getting use to everything. But a poor freshman year GPA can kill you. You … Continue reading “How to Get Into Harvard in 7 Easy Steps”

Take care of your GPA from freshman year

This is a no-brainer but should be said anyway. Some students like to slack-off after middle school – it's a new environment, you may not have a solid group of friends, you're still getting use to everything. But a poor freshman year GPA can kill you.

You may think that one or two C's can be made up later by plenty of AP and Honors classes, but colleges pay attention to your FULL TRANSCRIPT . A few C's in reliably easy courses like American History or World Geography will make Harvard think that you can not handle even basic academic material. It does not matter if you're 15 or 50. Your high school GPA matters – all four years.

Prepare for and take the SAT early

In an earlier post on SAT for college admissions, I discuss the "minimum" score necessary for Ivy League admissions.

My general advice is that you should shoot for a perfect score (why not ??) but be happy with a "good score" (anything above 2100). Do not take the SAT or ACT too many times – anything more than 2x without huge 100+ strides each time just makes you look desperate and incapable.

You should also start taking it early – take the Duke University TIP in middle school, take the PSAT in freshman or sophomore year at least once. Do not worry, it will not go on your permanent record and Harvard will not be mad that you got a 1800 as a freshman high school student.

It's a great chance for early practice that is risk-free. Why would not you ??

Get involved in clubs early

Notice the theme here – an early start is great for Ivy League admissions. By joining different clubs your freshman year, you demonstrate to Harvard that you are committed to specific interests / passions.

Ideally, you'd stay involved in those same clubs over at least a few years. However, if you find that the Spanish Club is really not where you'd prefer spending Wednesday afternoon, that's OK too – just make sure you're not going home to watch reruns of the Simpsons.

Diversify within reason

I typically say it's more about your messages stories than it is about diversity. After all, college admissions offices want diversified student bodies but do not need everyone to be completely well-rounded.

However, you will not get into Harvard as a one-trick pony. Diversification does help to an extent. Play at least one sport, involve yourself consistently at at least one nonprofit activity.

Build a core passion

Related to my point above, it's really about your one or two passions. Admissions offices want to have a clear picture of WHO YOU ARE – and that comes loudest in your commitments, your hobbies, and how you spend your time.

By having a unified theme – for instance, a passion for social welfare issues or a love of music (as expressed through your participation in the String Orchestra and involvement in music-related nonprofit charities and the like) is a great way to build a CLEAR IDENTITY that, if strong enough, is your best shot at getting into Harvard.

Visit campus

I discuss this in detail in my guide to Ivy League admissions. Basically, demonstrated interest matters a lot – particularly in tough times like today when there are 20,000 applications for every Ivy League school's freshman class.

By visiting campus, you show a clear interest in that school. Plus, you'll meet people along the way that will help you understand whether you're a better fit for Harvard or Stanford, Penn or Brown.

Prepare for interviews

IMPORTANT – do not forget to start doing this early. If you're a strong candidate, this is not something that you wait until the last minute to get ready for.

The best way to prepare for alumni interviews is to practice interviews with family and older people – not your brother or your best friend. Have them ask you questions about your accomplishments, your life story, your reasons for wanting to attend Harvard.

Source by John Dorian Chang

Image Level Examination Program and Homeschooling

Homeschooling parents find that the CLEP program is a perfect fit with their teaching style and goals. The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a series of standard tests which are recognized by over 2900 colleges and universities as the equivalent of successfully completed course work. By taking and passing these CLEP exams, people of all ages are able to opt out of certain basic classes, and at some institutions, receive credit just as if they had taken the class.

There are CLEP tests available in 34 different areas of study. From American Literature to Basic Psychology, Calculus or Chemistry, self-study guides and practice tests are available from CLEP. When a student is confident that they are prepared, they go to one of the many CLEP testing centers around the country, and sit for the CLEP exam in that topic. There is a fee for study materials and for testing, but considering the savings that can result from a passing CLEP score, the cost is minimal. Study guides are about $ 25, and the test fee is $ 72 for each subject. However, if the college of your choice will accept the CLEP test results, then the tuition for that class, and the cost of textbooks is saved. Even community colleges may charge as much, per credit hour, as one CLEP test!

The CLEP option is ideal for homeschools. Homeschooled children are often better at independent learning than their peers who have studied in classes. CLEP seess tailor-made for them. Students may take the tests at any age, although a minimum of age 15 is recommended. By covering material in a familiar format, homeschooled students can easily get a jump start on college, saving both time and money. It is easily possible that by successfully completing CLEP courses that students can enter college as a sophomore. Think of saving the costs of an entire year of school!

Often, homeschooled students choose to attend smaller colleges. This is a good fit with the CLEP exam and CLEP test program, because more small schools than large accept the credits. By carefully researching schools which accept CLEP scores, it may be possible to complete nearly two years of college at a huge savings. The cost of a higher education is staggering. Often the small colleges which attract homeschooled students are the most expensive. CLEP allows families to save enough money so that it is possible for parents to give their children that small school experience for their final 2 – 2 years years of college.

CLEP exams are standardized across the country. Although it is often argued that standard exams do not promote true learning, they can be a great aid to homeschoolers. It can be impossible to assess the quality of education a homeschooled student has received without such tests.

Source by David Angotti

Image Works Painting – A Means to Assist the Community

At some point, you could have conceived of getting a make over for your house or perchance doing some of those hazardous exterior painting of your house? If you've responded yes to these questions, then Let College Works Painting do the chore for you. The executive inquiry that could be expected is, why? Different individuals could conceive that these are college students who are unpracticed with exterior painting, but in fact, they are wrong. Image Works Painting uses students in college who are well-versed with the job they are employed to. These are students in college who work for their tuition fee and are superb at serving it. These are well-trained students who have contributed skills in painting as well as dependable skills in managing businesses.

The profits are extended with College Works Painting. Taking In College Works Painting for your tasks related to painting both inside and outside your home may mean that you are really lending help to the future of these students who have to make their way to graduate college. These programs are intentional to aid the students to develop efficiency when it comes to business as well as helping them develop into a good leader and handler as these types of program and help them to discover leadership and managerial skills. As College Works Painting also assists to give to the disabled, other charity groups, or those who have special needs.

The platform provides quality painting servicing at a cheaper rate compared to those firms that have fees that are way above your budget. The College Works Painting program offers competitive rates that involve top quality craftsmanship with good customer service to add with.

Meantime, college students who are searching to cover all the fees to be paid while going to school that are burdening their parents are studying a couple of advices on business, leadership, managerial skills, likewise the quality of the work they are doing. Not to mention the process they do for the community. The kinship between contractor-client amends when students are openly aware of the issues being tackled and that they are able to communicate with their customers about the claims, potential problems the task might place, and other events that are required to be comprehended.

Source by Alberto Maeses

The Internet Lifestyle For College Students

The reality that most college students are facing when they graduate from school are either.


They will not be able to find a job.


If they do find a job, it won’t be the one that they want to work at.

Which is why starting an internet business in their dorm room and working on it around their schedule is the best option for them.

Many go out and do part-time work, but that is really a waste of time.

Students would better off using that same amount of time to working on an internet business that will start bringing them in passive income.

There are 2 types of income that you can earn.

Active income- the amount you are paid for by the hour for being there.

Passive Income- money coming to you, whether or not you working or not!!

See the difference?

Your main goal in your career is to set up a business that allows you to earn MASSIVE passive income daily!!

This what the schools aren’t teaching their students and it is a huge problem in our society.

Okay, now that you understand the difference between active and passive income.

Here are the 4 steps to starting your online business from your dormitory and living the internet lifestyle.

1). Target a market or niche.

2). Set-up a 1-page opt-in site.

3). Drive a lot of traffic to that site.

4). Monetize that traffic.

This is an outline of what your internet business should look like.

Now, let go little more into details here about each step.

Targeting a niche.

Do your research and find out what type of problems your classmates are facing in school or look to find a product or market that is being underserved.

Once you find it.

Go get a product or service that can solve that problem.

It’s really that simple.

Also, make sure that the market you choose is full of hungry prospects.

Because the market will always determine the niche that you choose.

After you find your affiliate product.

Buy a domain name and set up a 1-page site.

You will need to write up a short 12-page report that you give away to people who opt-in to your newsletter.

Your report must be of value to your prospect, because you want to build trust with them.

Next, do videos to drive traffic to your site.

I would interview experts and then link your site in the resource box.

Start a Facebook group as well.

Write a few articles or share some in your newsletter.

The next thing is to start making money from all your previous efforts.

You should have already signed up with a ClickBank/Commission Junction and any other affiliates.

It’s free too, so don’t worry about that.

I like to contact companies who don’t have an affiliate program and then help them create one and create a distribution channel from it.

Look, this is just an outline that any college student can use.

Keep in mind too.

This only cost you about 30$ to start and you can use that money bootstrap your way from there.


Get started today on doing your market research and find a hungry market and then follow the steps I gave you here in this article!

Good luck!

Source by Thomas Jay Daniels

Buying and selling and Profit and Decline Account

Trading Account

As now discussed, very first area of buying and selling and profit and loss account is named investing account. The purpose of planning trading account is to come across out gross gain or gross loss while that of second segment is to come across out web financial gain or internet loss.

Preparation of Buying and selling Account

Buying and selling account is well prepared mainly to know the profitability of the items bought (or produced) offered by the businessman. The big difference concerning advertising rate and price tag of goods offered is the,5 earning of the businessman. As a result in get to calculate the gross earning, it is important to know:

(a) value of merchandise sold.

(b) income.

Total product sales can be ascertained from the product sales ledger. The price tag of goods marketed is, nevertheless, calculated. n purchase to determine the value of profits it is required to know its meaning. The ‘cost of goods’ includes the order price tag of the products as well as expenditures relating to obtain of merchandise and brining the items to the position of enterprise. In purchase to estimate the price of merchandise ” we really should deduct from the complete expense of merchandise ordered the charge of merchandise in hand. We can analyze this phenomenon with the support of following formulation:

Opening inventory + value of buys – closing stock = charge of gross sales

As already mentioned that the function of making ready investing account is to work out the gross income of the company. It can be explained as excess of sum of ‘Sales’ above ‘Cost of Sales’. This definition can be defined in terms of subsequent equation:

Gross Financial gain = Income-Price tag of items offered or (Profits + Closing Stock) -(Inventory in the commencing + Buys + Immediate Expenditures)

The opening inventory and buys along with acquiring and bringing fees (immediate exp.) are recorded the debit side whilst revenue and closing inventory is recorded on the credit rating aspect. If credit rating aspect is Jeater than the debit facet the difference is penned on the debit side as gross revenue which is in the long run recorded on the credit history side of profit and loss account. When the debit facet exceeds the credit score side, the variance is gross decline which is recorded at credit history side and eventually revealed on the debit aspect of profit & decline account.

Standard Items in a Buying and selling Account:

A) Debit Side

1. Opening Inventory. It is the stock which remained unsold at the conclude of preceding calendar year. It need to have been introduced into textbooks with the support of opening entry so it generally appears within the demo stability. Normally, it is revealed as to start with product at the debit aspect of investing account. Of system, in the to start with yr of a enterprise there will be no opening stock.

2. Purchases. It is normally second merchandise on the debit facet of trading account. ‘Purchases’ suggest full buys i.e. hard cash as well as credit score purchases. Any return outwards (purchases return) should really be deducted out of purchases to come across out the internet purchases. Occasionally merchandise are received before the suitable bill from the provider. In this sort of a predicament, on the date of planning closing accounts an entry really should be handed to debit the buys account and to credit the suppliers’ account with the value of goods.

3. Acquiring Bills. All expenses relating to obtain of goods are also debited in the buying and selling account. These involve-wages, carriage inwards freight, obligation, clearing expenses, dock charges, excise obligation, octroi and import responsibility and so on.

4. Producing Fees. This kind of charges are incurred by businessmen to manufacture or to render the products in saleable ailment viz., motive electric power, fuel gas, stores, royalties, manufacturing facility costs, foreman and supervisor’s income and so forth.

Although producing expenses are strictly to be taken in the production account given that we are planning only buying and selling account, fees of this form may also be bundled in the buying and selling account.

(B) Credit rating Side

1. Profits. Product sales imply whole revenue i.e. income furthermore credit history product sales. If there are any sales returns, these really should be deducted from gross sales. So net revenue are credited to trading account. If an asset of the business has been bought, it must not be involved in the gross sales.

2. Closing Inventory. It is the value of stock lying unsold in the godown or shop on the final date of accounting period of time. Normally closing inventory is given outside the trial stability in that situation it is revealed on the credit rating facet of trading account. But if it is provided inside the trial balance, it is not to be shown on the credit score aspect of buying and selling account but appears only in the balance sheet as asset. Closing inventory should be valued at cost or sector cost whichever is significantly less.

Valuation of Closing Stock

The verify the price of closing inventory it is needed to make a total stock or listing of all the objects in the god very own together with portions. On the foundation of actual physical observation the inventory lists are ready and the value of total inventory is calculated on the basis of device benefit. So, it is crystal clear that stock-having involves (i) inventorying, (ii) pricing. Every product is priced at cost, until the market price tag is reduced. Pricing an stock at cost is uncomplicated if charge continues to be set. But prices keep on being fluctuating so the valuation of inventory is done on the foundation of one particular of a lot of valuation solutions.

The preparing of trading account assists the trade to know the partnership concerning the costs be incurred and the revenues earned and the level of performance with which functions have been carried out. The ratio of gross financial gain to gross sales is extremely major: it is arrived at :

Gross Income X 100 / Profits

With the support of G.P. ratio he can determine as to how proficiently he is working the enterprise better the ratio, greater will be the efficiency.

Closing Entries pertaining to buying and selling Account

For transferring a variety of accounts relating to goods and purchasing expenses, next closing entries recorded:

(i) For opening Inventory: Debit trading account and credit stock account

(ii) For purchases: Debit trading account and credit score purchases account, the quantity being the et total just after deducting purchases returns.

(iii) For purchases returns: Debit buys return account and credit rating buys account.

(iv) For returns inwards: Debit revenue account and credit score revenue return account

(v) For immediate charges: Debit investing account and credit direct bills accounts separately.

(vi) For sales: Debit profits account and credit history trading account. We will come across that all the accounts as mentioned above will be shut with the exception of trading account

(vii) For closing stock: Debit closing stock account and credit rating investing account Following recording over entries the investing account will be balanced and big difference of two sides ascertained. If credit score facet is much more the consequence is gross revenue for which adhering to entry is recorded.

(viii) For gross revenue: Debit trading account and credit score earnings and loss account If the final result is gross loss the over entry is reversed.

Financial gain and Decline Account

The revenue and reduction account is opened by recording the gross profit (on credit score side) or gross loss (debit facet).

For earning internet financial gain a businessman has to incur quite a few additional costs in addition to the direct expenses. People fees are deducted from profit (or included to gross reduction), the resultant figure will be internet financial gain or internet decline.

The expenses which are recorded in earnings and decline account are ailed ‘indirect expenses’. These be categorized as follows:

Providing and distribution bills.

These comprise of subsequent fees:

(a) Salesmen’s salary and commission

(b) Commission to agents

(c) Freight & carriage on income

(d) Revenue tax

(e) Terrible debts

(f) Promotion

(g) Packing bills

(h) Export obligation

Administrative Expenditures.

These incorporate:

(a) Office salaries & wages

(b) Insurance coverage

(c) Lawful expenses

(d) Trade fees

(e) Rates & taxes

(f) Audit costs

(g) Insurance plan

(h) Lease

(i) Printing and stationery

(j) Postage and telegrams

(k) Financial institution prices

Economical Costs

These comprise:

(a) Discount permitted

(b) Desire on Money

(c) Fascination on personal loan

(d) Price cut Rates on bill discounted

Maintenance, depreciations and Provisions etc.

These involve adhering to expenses

(a) Repairs

(b) Depreciation on property

(c) Provision or reserve for uncertain money owed

(d) Reserve for low cost on debtors.

Along with higher than oblique expenses the debit facet of profit and reduction account includes of a variety of business losses also.

On the credit score aspect of revenue and reduction account the items recorded are:

(a) Discount gained

(b) Fee been given

(c) Rent gained

(d) Interest obtained

(e) Money from investments

(f) Revenue on sale of belongings

(g) Bad money owed recovered

(h) Dividend gained

(i) Apprenticeship high quality etcetera.

Resource by Anil Kumar Gupta

MMA Insurance coverage

When you have a MMA fitness center it is very significant to have MMA insurance for your establishment. MMA is a incredibly bodily demanding sport and can be unsafe, there&#39s no purpose to leave your fitness center unsecured by slacking on obtaining some insurance policies. Not only can this help you save you thousands of bucks in the party of an accident but this also provides your entitlement establishment a lot more trustworthiness.

No just one would like to mail their children or even themselves to a health and fitness center that does not have coverage in situation of any accidents. Now just simply because you have insurance coverage does not imply that you have mishaps or you have a faulty establishment so do not imagine that it&#39s a undesirable point or a discouraging thing. In point it is the specific reverse, your probable shoppers will feel considerably extra at simplicity and they will belief your establishment.

There are lots of diverse types of insurance plan so you really should be certain you are wanting into the right variety. MMA insurance plan is not always new but there are a large amount of providers that it is new to so you really should look at around to see who is catering to the MMA subject. Some insurance policy organizations may well also have stipulations about their insurance coverage so you will need to study the great print to make absolutely sure you are getting lined in the suitable spots.

You will certainly need some actual physical coverage when you&#39re talking about MMA insurance policies due to the fact any mishaps that happen will most possible be of the physical nature. Now with so numerous variations of physical protection you may be a little perplexed on what you actually need to have. Effectively initially issue you need to glance for is how huge your classes are heading to be.

If you have little classes then you most probable would not require a substantial protection program, but on the other hand if you have really a substantial course then you are likely to need to have MMA insurance coverage that handles the dimensions of your class. Now this is a pretty significant facet of finding the correct insurance plan so shell out near consideration to it. You would not want to end up with a massive class and do not have the appropriate coverage, god forbid an incident DOES transpire and you stop up paying out out of your pocket to take care of it since you acquired the erroneous insurance program.

Now also on the other aspect of the spectrum if you are not the just one managing the class but you are seeking for lessons it is really essential that you appear for a fitness center that has MMA insurance policy for all the same explanations that you would want insurance if you ended up running the courses. Not only does it make the gym seem improved but you can have a large amount of self-assurance in the establishment.

No issue which aspect of the spectrum you are on it is very vital to glimpse into MMA insurance coverage, whether you are making an attempt to sign up for a course or run a class all the believe in and reliability that will come alongside with insurance policy is a must!

Resource by Bryan Y