Why Should You Not Be Choosing Harvard Business School for MBA?

Education system has been now distorted to a mere Certification Industry across the world! The big brands in the name of quality education, gigantic infrastructure, and colossal corporate linkages cost you your lifelong savings. Getting a branded degree has become a ritual in our society. Beyond the shadow of any disbelief, a branded MBA degree provides you with so many perks like a groomed resume, access to better jobs, opportunity to build a better network, often promotions after getting job and above all it puts you under a limelight especially if , none of your Kiths & Kins comes from the equally prestigious and branded business school you have come from.

There's always a temptation to buy more degrees, certifications, or anything else that gets you more "prestige" and makes you seem more qualified. But does getting a branded degree do it all? What one should rely, on the cover page of a book or the inside matters! Should a target of a student be conferred just to get admission into the Top most and famous Business School like Harvard, which cuts your pocket by $ 150K and above or to be a good potential Business administrator? And yes, business school is different and much more than just another certification.

Going to a top MBA program helps. It may narrow the gap between you and former bulge bracket investment investment bankers but that alone will not work out. This decision should be pretty much intelligent. Yes, although this is something like, estimating numbers of mangoes before we start seeding. But definitely, this is an Einsteinic calculation as you might be burning your hands with numerous dollars. This sounds like an enduring investment plan which might put you in debts for a longer period than it gives you crop.

The reality is that people take business school like Harvard as a magical bullet-a way to break into finance when all else has failed or when you have no shot normally. Parents wish that their dear kid gets a label of an MBA from Harvard, for which they never fluctuate to pay off anything but the truth is if you will try to make a pig sing, it will only waste your time and pig annoyed! MBA program from a top most B-School may help but it won't level the playing field.

The wise and witty brain must think and evaluate the fruitage and clods before decaying procured dollars on Harvard label as "A pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood".

Source by Mansi Soni

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How to Get Into Harvard Law School – Take the LSAT in June

Want a tip for how to get into Harvard Law School? Take the LSAT in June before law schools begin accepting applications. In other words, if you are in college, take the LSAT in June right after you complete your junior year. The test is administered four times per year (February, June, October, and December) at hundreds of locations around the world. Many law schools require that the LSAT be taken in December for admission the following fall.

Do not be fooled. Many who wonder how to get into Harvard Law School forget the primary goal when applying to law school: take advantage of rolling admissions. To do that, you must submit all your applicaion materials right when law schools begin accepting applications, usually in September or October. Your application materials must include your LSAT score to be complete and ready for review. You will not receive your LSAT score, however, until three to four weeks after you take the test (in three weeks by e-mail if you have an online account with LSAC or in four weeks by regular mail).

This problem rules out taking the test in October or December. The goal is for Harvard to have all of your credentials in hand when it receives your application materials. If you take the test in October, Harvard will not have your test score until mid-November. Taking the test in December will not yield a score until January. Thus, taking the test earlier – in June – is imperative. You will have your score by July. You can then focus on the other aspects of the admissions process, like your personal statement or the letters of recommendation. Moreover, you would not have to balance your efforts in those areas with the stressful process of studying for the LSAT.

The process of how to get into Harvard Law School requires that you follow this advice and take the LSAT in June at the latest.

Source by Robert Fulson

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Top Psychology Graduate Schools – Harvard University

Have you ever dreamed of attending Harvard University for your Ph.D. in Psychology? If you have, then read on, as this article will give you some information about the types of programs offered in the Psychology field, the academic requirements for admission, and quality education you can expect to experience from the university itself.

Harvard University is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and has a whopping student body of nearly twenty thousand. Considered the oldest university in the United States, Harvard ranks at number three in the nation for universities to obtain your Ph.D. in the field of Psychology. Harvard offers doctoral study in psychology in the following areas:

* Cognition, brain, and behavior
* Developmental Psychology
* Clinical Science
* Social Psychology
* Organizational Behavior

Each of these areas in psychology represent prominent faculty members who jointly administer graduate admissions and provide training in some subfield of psychology. As with other graduate programs, it is not uncommon for individual faculty to have research interests that span more than one area, and thus, provide a breadth of necessary graduate training in research.

If Harvard University is your dream school to obtain your Ph.D., you have to be the best of the best to even have a shot at getting in. Harvard expects its applicants to have stellar GPA and academic resumes. Additionally, graduate admissions committees want you to demonstrate strong leadership skills through your extracurricular activities. Consider those extras on top of writing the perfect graduate personal statement and turning in glowing letters of recommendation that speak to your prior research experience.

In terms of prerequisites, current information on the Harvard University website indicates that you do not have to be a psychology major to gain acceptance to their doctoral programs. However, ALL entering students share a commonality of an undergraduate degree with an academic record of distinction. As is the case with most research-oriented Ph.D. programs in psychology, undergraduate work in statistics is strongly advised.

If paying for graduate education is one of your primary concerns, please be aware that Harvard University (like many Ph.D. programs) provides fellowships to support graduate students. Currently, admitted students receive five years of tuition support, along with a stipend and research fellowship for the first two years of doctoral study. During the third and fourth years, students are guaranteed teaching fellowships, and the final year includes a stipend that includes funds for living expenses during the final year, which you will be expected to produce a dissertation.

Much like other doctoral programs in psychology, it is not easy to get into Harvard University. However, you probably knew that before you read this article, so let this be your motivation, rather than discouragement. Do your best to create a winning graduate school application package and study hard for your GRE exam (which great news – the GRE Psychology Subject Test isn't a requirement for admission), and you've already light years ahead of most of your competition to get into grad school in psychology.

Source by Sheridan Salter

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