How Hard is it to Get Into Harvard?

So, do you really want to know how hard is it to get into Harvard? Well, I'd like to say nothing is impossible! But getting into Harvard is definitely not going to be easy. While Harvard is one of the most coveted universities that all parents want to send their kids to, they do have a variety of criterion for selecting absolutely the best ones, not only academically but with co-curricular activities as well. As already said they want intelligent and smart people who know how to excel in life. Harvard wants the creme. It wants individuals who are intelligent and realistic, confident yet modest, sociable and reclusive, sporty and creative, literary and technical with President Obama being a perfect example.

Yes, grades do play an important role, and you do need to have a very strong GPA to be eligible for consideration. When we talk of grades, we are talking about the grades for your entire school life. But, there have been cases where students with much lower GPAs but with certain other notable achievements to their credit made it into Harvard too.

So, what matters here is not academic altitude rather your attitude. It is your attitude that will decide your fate into Harvard. Harvard wants people -who can be bold leaders and still follow others; who can enjoy a formal dinner and a pajama party with equal ease; Who can spend countless hours researching in the library and can volunteer a social cause the next moment. You need a breadth of skills, drive and initiative to prove your worth and most importantly you must enjoy whatever you do. Yes, it does sound a bit too much, but all is worth its cause. Harvard undoubtedly produces leaders and wants people who believe in themselves and who want to achieve something in life. How hard is it to get into Harvard is not the question, it's how hard you make it for yourself to get into Harvard. You will need to begin with an early ambition in life and see it through, believe in everything you do, devise a plan, work towards a goal and miss nothing. Most importantly be honest with yourself and whatever you associate yourself with, then let it be your job or a club. People who are honest will always get noticed and only those who think big and believe in their abilities stand a chance here.

Harvard basically focuses on three aspects – grades, extracurricular achievements, individual strengths and an essay. Yes, Harvard gives a lot of importance of essays for selecting its freshmen. The essays should focus on distinct topics and be very very well-written. An essay that best conveys your personal thoughts guarantees an admission. And yes, last but not the least, recommendations. If you have had great student-teacher relations, you might as well have some real nice and uplifting recommendations written by some of the teachers who loved you as a student. Now how hard is it to get into Harvard? You answer!

"Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally." -David Frost

Source by Ronni Rebsdorf

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