Classes Realized at the Harvard Enterprise College

“If God needed to create a best punishment for a significant achiever, then He would have that human being regulate a expert provider firm,” states Professor John Gabarro of the  Harvard   Business   School .

Gabarro is on the school of the Major Specialist Services Companies method, an intense, a single-week government education method taught 2 times a calendar year at the  Harvard   Business   School . Designed for leaders of expert provider corporations, the method focuses on management and advertising issues distinctive to these corporations. Specifically, the delicate balancing act of guaranteeing client pleasure even though also major the firm’s talent.

The method presents a discussion board for individuals from all around the globe to utilize the ideas and authentic circumstance scientific studies introduced in the classroom to their possess expert lives. Major Specialist Services Companies is meant for leaders of significant and midsize corporations who are engaged in a broad array of expert expert services. These include things like: consulting, authorized, accounting, architecture and engineering, advertising and advertising, undertaking money, financial investment banking, IT expert services, laptop or computer application progress, and know-how methods integration.

“What separates expert provider corporations from other organizations is that the workers are their most important property,” states professor Jay Lorsch, school chair of the method. “But industry experts in any area — impartial-minded, resourceful individuals — can be tough to regulate.”

Lorsch works by using an aged analogy that likens managing industry experts to herding cats. He states even though it is really a funny picture, it also touches the underlying stress and anxiety some firm leaders convey about managing and maximizing human means.

“When their individuals get on the elevator at night time, there’s no assure they will be again the following working day,” states Lorsch. “A lot more than in any other field, expert provider corporations must create an natural environment in which workers are continuously determined and can properly equilibrium their motivation to the firm and to the client, as well as to by themselves.”

The Major Specialist Services Agency method is correct for all individuals who regulate substantial figures of industry experts and are liable for offering expert expert services. When certain titles change relying on a firm’s organization and dimensions, normal individuals include things like:


Executive vice presidents

Companions and principals

Managing administrators

Business professionals and

Follow leaders.

“All of these individuals have very distinct backgrounds and competencies — clearly attorneys are not like application developers — but they have a ton in popular too,” states Lorsch. “Essentially, expert provider firm leaders grapple with the similar varieties of management issues. It really is reassuring for professionals to know that their peers facial area comparable sets of issues.”

The work of expert provider corporations is dependent completely on the talent and intelligence of the individuals offering it. Fantastic corporations hire the absolute best individuals and create them, inspire them, and build occupations in which they will keep committed to the profession and the firm for a prolonged period of time of time. They create organizational procedures that inspire these fantastic individuals to provide consumers well. Obtaining this right is what we suggest by alignment.

Major Specialist Services Companies concentrates on this principle of alignment — the issues firm leaders will need to resolve in get to create robust hyperlinks between workers and the varieties of issues that inspire them, the firm’s strategy and the way the firm is arranged to supply the strategy.

The school are drawn from  Harvard   Business   School’s  Organizational Habits and Services Administration groups and have knowledge investigating expert provider industries, furnishing consulting expert services to key corporations, and in some scenarios, heading corporations by themselves. The team includes Lorsch Gabarro, an qualified on human means management Tom DeLong, who scientific studies strategy, organizational improve, and globalization in expert provider corporations, and served as main progress officer of Morgan Stanley Team Inc. and Ashish Nanda, who researches management issues and strategic alliances amongst expert provider corporations, and previously served as an government with the Tata team of companies in India.

Candidates can post an software on the web ( or download an software on the web and mail or fax the type in. Purposes are requested at the very least six weeks before the method begin day. The admissions committee begins reviewing applications about 3 to four months prior, and skilled candidates are admitted on a rolling, space-available basis. Programs typically fill to capacity, so early software is suggested.

Enrollment is minimal to a pick out, skilled team of individuals in significant and midsize corporations who are in leadership positions, but from time to time industry experts from tiny corporations are acknowledged. Admission is selective and based mostly on expert achievement and organizational accountability. The $8,200 method rate addresses tuition, guides, circumstance components, accommodations and most meals.

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President Barack Obama Went to Harvard Regulation University After Undergrad at Columbia College

President Barack Obama is seen by his opponents as a divisive polarizing determine while his supporters want to characterize him as a male that unites both of those people today and nations. No matter of how any individual feels individually about the politics of the forty fourth President of the United States there is no arguing that he has attended and graduated from a couple of the leading institutions of higher learning in The usa. President Barack Obama obtained his undergraduate diploma from Columbia College prior to heading on to get his Juris Doctorate (JD), which is commonly referred to as a  law  diploma, at  Harvard   Law   School .

After graduating from Punahou University in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1979 a teenage Barack Obama moved to Los Angeles, California the place he commenced his university job at Occidental University. After paying two several years researching at the southern California campus Barack moved further from his residence in Hawaii as he ventured in excess of to the east coastline to full his undergraduate schooling at Columbia College in New York Metropolis. The 1981 transfer to Columbia proved to be a pivotal place in the everyday living of the foreseeable future chief as he delved into political science, a subject matter that along with intercontinental relations would turn out to be a single of the double majors for his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) diploma.

Upon graduating from Columbia in 1983, Obama took his political science diploma from an Ivy League faculty with him into the workforce the place he located work at Small business Worldwide Corp., a company that released investigation studies for massive corporations in the United States and overseas. As a recent graduate Obama held the title of investigation associate, a task that counted amongst its obligations composing and editing a cash report and weekly newsletter that dealt generally with fiscal services issues.

4 several years in New York Metropolis (two for faculty and two for function) were being concluded when Barack Obama moved to Chicago and commenced doing the job as a director for a team called Developing Communities Undertaking. The religion dependent corporation that Barack now worked for as a director centered on furnishing services for space inhabitants. These services ranged from task training to tenants’ rights consultations. The time spent in Chicago the place he was essentially as a community servant impressed Obama to carry on his schooling as an avenue to open up extra doorways to do even bigger fantastic.

In the drop of 1988 Barack Obama commenced classes at  Harvard   Law   School  (HLS). In the course of his a few several years in Cambridge, Massachusetts Obama served as an editor for the  Harvard   Law  Review for the duration of his 1st yr and was president of the publication for the duration of his 2nd yr. Obama completed law faculty in the spring of 1991 and graduated magna cum laude which is Latin for with terrific honor.

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Top rated five Harvard Videos

#five Thieving Harvard

Tom Eco-friendly & Jason Lee flip to crime to ‘Steal Harvard’. Lee attempts to steal $thirty,000 to fund his niece’s tuition for entrance to the world’s most prestigious university. The premise listed here becoming that Harvard’s expense prohibits learners from implementing – the reverse is legitimate.

Harvard’s financial assist is the most effective in The usa and permits learners from all backgrounds to enter.The motion picture, substantially like the premise, is shaky. But even so, very good entertaining.

#four Homeless To Harvard

A rags to riches tale, a legitimate Cinderella story. Homeless To Harvard follows Liz Murray’s journey. Beset by a father with drug-abuse challenges and a schizophrenic mother, Murray uncovered herself homeless at fifteen. However amazingly earned her area as a Harvard undergraduate by 19. Homeless To Harvard earned Emmy nominations and essential praise alike.

#three Lawfully Blonde

Starring Stanford’s have and chick-flick extraordinaire, Reese Witherspoon, Lawfully Blonde is a tale of passionate beliefs beset by the snooty, scary forged of Harvard. The motion picture is notable, if for nothing at all else, the hilarious admissions video clip. And, of course, that blonde’s and very good gal’s can come 1st.

#two The Social Network

Harvard’s has presented the globe Presidents, Astronauts & Nobel Laureates. It has also made leaders in technologies and social media, none a lot more so than the world’s youngest billionaire and founder of Fb, Mark Zuckerberg.

The motion picture casts its lens on the increase of Fb from concept to actuality and the authorized battles that ensued involving Zuckerberg and his previous companions, notably the Winklevoss twins. Critics notice the portrayal of Facebook’s origin is not precise and Zuckerberg is unfairly forged. These critics also notice The Social Network as an excellent motion picture.

#one Fantastic Will Hunting

Just one of the terrific films of all time, at minimum in this lowly author’s view. Matt Damon was after famously a student of Harvard only to go away believing motion picture, Geronimo, would be his breakthrough. Nonetheless, that wouldn’t come until finally 1997 and the launch of Fantastic Will Hunting.

Damon co-wrote the motion picture with mate Ben Affleck the tale of its manufacturing conjures up substantially like the story. The close friends turned down successive script bids adamant that they be forged in the guide roles. Finally, Mirimax bought the script and the rest, as they say, is Hollywood and Harvard heritage.

Harvard, and its learners, are so frequently forged as aloof and scary. The reverse is also legitimate. Harvard has presented the globe terrific thinkers, humanitarians and benefactors. The Harvard story has only just started.

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Harvard Vs MIT

If you’re curious about attending an elite college, the words and phrases MIT and Harvard would no question have tickled your muse. Harvard and MIT have a famous rivalry based mostly on their illustrious alumni, geographical proximity and position as the world’s foremost larger education and learning institute. Let us look at this in additional detail.

Harvard was established in 1636, by English clergyman, John Harvard and the Massachusetts state legislature. MIT in the meantime, was established in 1861 as a reaction to the ongoing industrialization of the United States. The two MIT and Harvard are based mostly in Cambridge of system, and are divided by but a stretch of the Charles River. Mainly because of their geographical romantic relationship, a lot of have encouraged the institutes to unite. MIT however, have resisted all makes an attempt at these types of a union.

The final result is a metropolis with a focus of The usa and the world’s finest minds. These pupils pit their wits in a rivalry punctuated by ‘hacks’.

What is a ‘hack’ then? A hack is no less than a practical joke. These include decorating John Harvard’s statue and inflating a balloon for the duration of a Harvard-Yale activity proudly emblazoning the phrase ‘MIT’. MIT student’s are famed for their custom and mischievous character. If you have a instant, test out their once-a-year ‘Piano Drop’ or exhibiting a 200ft representation of Tetris on the Green Building.

Obtaining into MIT and Harvard is just not a job to be taken evenly. The opposition is intense and each and every year the acceptance price falls. For the class of 2016 just less than ten% of applicants had been approved. Harvard admissions are even additional tough however, with less than 6% of applicants approved. Implementing to either involves a strategic strategy, a noteworthy educational history and an additional-curricular pedigree.

You never have to have a 4. GPA and 2400 SAT to earn admittance to either institute, but it helps. What do I suggest?

Some men and women mistakenly imagine MIT and Harvard have bare minimum GPA necessities, but that is just not correct. Some pupils earn acceptance to Harvard with sub-three GPA’s though many others are rejected with a 4. GPA. You will need to have a nicely rounded application that demonstrates character energy in addition to educational vigor. The very same holds correct for MIT.

We hope this quick report has provided you an hunger to learn additional about Harvard and MIT. Pupils at MIT and Harvard are record in the generating. They are the architects of the future. They are the up coming generations political leaders, entrepreneurs and billionaires. Need to you wish to reach these heights, we wish you the really best.

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Continental Travel Business Plan – Harvard Branch

Executive Summary

The Harvard Branch of Continental Travel is located 30kms east of the CBD on the busy main shopping strip in Harvard and has been operating for only 6 weeks and is still very new to the area. The Branch is open from 9:00am to 5:30 pm each day, and closes at 6pm on Fridays and it is not open on the weekend. The customer demographics represented in the suburb, are from low socio-economic through to high income, with the two key demographic groups that characterize the area, young families with toddlers and primary school aged children also older families with adolescent children in their mid teens to early twenties. There have been a number of new facilities recently built catering for the needs of these two groups and for the growing population of Harvard which include a new child care center for the younger families, a new retirement village for the aging population and a new multi level shopping center at Harvard Park consisting of 500 retail outlets.

The predominant ethnic profile of Harvard is Anglo-Australian with a significant percentage of first, second and third generation Greek and Italian-Australians and more recent, the profile has expanded to include an increasing proportion of new immigrants of Chinese and Vietnamese origin.

The Harvard Branch had been staffed by personnel from the neighboring branches with no previous working relationship consisting of long-serving employees with an average 7 years experience and of short-term staff. All the staff have Anglo-Australian background except for one of the Part Time Travel Associates who is of Greek origin. Although the attrition rate within Continental’s Branches is within the average range, there has been a slight increase in turnover over the last 2 months, in particular with the more junior members of the team. Recent satisfaction surveys indicate a 65% staff satisfaction level and 54% staff advocacy.

At present, Harvard does not have a customer base although some of the Senior Travel Consultants have brought a number of their clients over to the new branch with them; this is still insufficient to sustain their own targets, let alone the performance of the entire branch. Most travel inquiries received to date all appear to be interested in domestic holidays, with some of the inquiries made for international travel destinations.

1. Situation Analysis

Australians have been known to be avid travelers and it is not uncommon to find that most Australians have lived overseas at some point in their lives, with the majority traveling overseas for a vacation at least once every 3 years with those within the 20-35 age category undertaken international travel at least every 1-2 years.

The terrorist attacks on September 11,2001, caused significant turmoil in the travel industry especially on international travel and within Australia the effect of this promoted an increase in domestic tourism. The sales of travel insurance also increased whereby Continental made a significant loss in the 6 months after 9/11across all its operations, with a 20% downturn in sales.

The collapse of Ansett Airlines impacted greatly on the domestic tourist market as it reduced the capacity of the domestic airline industry, which caused a loss in confidence in the domestic airlines. The war in Afghanistan and the Bali Bombing, the 2004 Tsunami in Asia brought about further decline in international travel, particularly to the Asian region being one of the premier tourist destinations for Australian travelers. The confidence of Australians to travel abroad is expected to make a very slow recovery given these events making it very difficult for travel agencies to meet their sales targets and still promote growth.

The staff profile within Harvard Branch needs strengthening, as the teams have not worked together previously. The staffing mix needs to reflect the culture and demographic of Harvard where most of the population are of Italian, Greek, Chinese and Vietnamese origin. At the present all staff is of Anglo-Australian, except for one of the Part Time Travel Associates who is of Greek origin. Although the attrition rate within Continental’s Branches is within the average range, there has been a slight increase in turnover over the last 2 months, particularly with the more junior members of the team. Recent satisfaction surveys indicate a 65% staff satisfaction level and 54% staff advocacy.

2. Marketing Summary

Typically the travel and tourism market is normally separated into two main categories, business and leisure travel. Each would normally contribute about 45% to total revenues. The remainder is generated from combined business/leisure trips. The market is further separated into domestic and international travel. Domestic travel accounts for approximately 70% of industry revenues. Business travel can be divided into two categories, the medium to large corporate account, and the small independent businessman. Leisure travelers are classified according to the types of trips they take, income, or age. The four primary leisure travel groups are:

1. Adventure, Special Interest, R&R, Honeymoons & Sightseeing Trips.

2. High-Income Travelers.

3. Budget-Conscious Travelers.

4. Families, Students & Seniors.

3. Market Demographics

The Harvard Branch of Continental Travel is located 30kms east of the CBD. While a wide range of customer demographics are represented in the suburb, from low socio-economic through to high income, two key demographic groups characterize the area: young families with toddlers and primary school aged children, and “empty nesters” – older families with adolescent children in their mid teens to early twenties. There have recently been a number of facilities built, catering for the needs of these two groups. For younger families, a new childcare centre, and for the ageing population a new retirement village and nursing home have been established. A multi-level shopping centre, Harvard Park, has also just opened, with over 500 stores now operating.

The predominant ethnic profile of Harvard is Anglo-Australian with a significant percentage of first, second and third generation Greek and Italian-Australians. More recently, the profile has expanded to include an increasing proportion of new immigrants of Chinese and Vietnamese origin.

Harvard Branch is located on the busy main shopping strip in Harvard and is Continental’s newest branch in the State, having opened just six weeks ago. As such, it does not have an existing client base. The Branch is open from 9:00am to 5:30 pm each day, and closes at 6pm on Fridays. It is not open on the weekend.

The staff profile within the Harvard Branch appears divergent, but is not atypical. Personnel from the neighboring branches have staffed the Branch and as such, the teams have not worked together previously. There are a high proportion of long-serving employees, with an average 7-year tenure, together with an equally significant percentage of short-term staff. All staff are Anglo-Australian except for one of the Part Time Travel Associates who is of Greek origin. The attrition rate within Continental’s Branches is within the average range, although there has been a slight increase in turnover over the last 2 months, particularly with the more junior members of the team. Recent satisfaction surveys indicate a 65% staff satisfaction level and 54% staff advocacy.

4. Market Needs

Domestic and International Packages are a specialized product, and first-hand knowledge of these packages is necessary in order to effectively promote and sell them. Many potential customers are unsure of the location they wish to reach. Part of the value associated with travel agencies is the knowledge they possess about destinations. Customers look to the agency to provide them with sound advice for a competitive price. Continental Travel Group at Harvard is confident in its ability to do so. Continental Travel Group at Harvard can save the customer time and money, and help to ensure that they are satisfied with their vacation.

5. Market Trends

One notable trend in the travel industry is increased deregulation. Deregulation has increased competition and the need for differentiation. In many cases, the prices of airfare and other travel-related services have dropped. Additional trends include caps on agency commissions by many of the larger airlines, increases in adventure travel, and reduction of profit margins.

6. Market Growth

The travel industry is growing. Reasons for this growth include a healthy domestic economy and the increased value of the Aussie has made travel more attractive for Australian residents. The healthy economy has increased business, which in turn will see a boosted domestic business travel for 2007.

7. SWOT Analysis

In the following four sections are the most relevant issues to Continental Travel Group at Harvard’s and for its successful operation. Harvard’s strengths include its management, experienced staff, marketing experience, and targeted focus. Harvard will capitalize on these and other strengths, to take advantage of opportunities and manage threats. Firm weaknesses are primarily those inherent in a start-up venture.


· International network of more than 1200 stores

· Workforce of over 6500 employees

· Annual T/O of $3.5 Billion

· Expanding at rate of more than 20% a year

· Recognised as the fastest growing business of its kind in the world

· High proportion of long-serving employees average of 7 year tenure

· MANAGEMENT: Harvard’s manager has a successful record in this industry. His experience and the network of valuable connections he has developed will contribute greatly to Harvard’s success.

· LOCATION: Harvard branch is ideally located.

· EXPERIENCED STAFF: The Harvard team is experienced in the travel business. Most senior members have over five years experience.


· Lack of differentiation between offerings of major players resulting in price base competition

· Only one staff of Greek origin when significant percentage of ethnic profile are Greek and Italian

· No Chinese or Vietnamese consultants working at branch

· Still to establish a customer/client base

· Branch is closed on the weekends

· Increase in turnover of Junior members within the Team

· Poor staff satisfaction and advocacy levels

· START-UP STATUS: Harvard is a start-up business in the area.


· Australians have traditionally been considered as avid travellers, vacations taken at least once in every 3 years

· Age group of 20-35 travel internationally at least 1-2 years

· Increase in domestic vocations with increased uncertainty in international travel due to wars, terrorist attacks and natural disasters

· New shopping centre with over 500 stores just opened

· Ethnic population with very high percentage of Greek and Italian- Australians

· Increasing population of new immigrants of Chinese and Vietnamese

· Young families and empty nesters

· Older families with adolescent children in their mid teens to early twenties

· Branch is closed on weekends

· The team has not worked together previously

· Package Tours and Cruises

· Selling insurance products

· Incentives from airlines and major hotels


· Decline in international travel due to wars, terrorist attacks and natural disasters in popular tourist/holiday destinations

· The collapse of local airlines reducing the capacity to service the domestic destinations

· Increase in fuel prices

· Web-based travel sites offering cut price travel deals

· Jetstar and Virgin Blue offering flights and packages at highly competitive rates

· New shopping centre with 500 stores just opened including major competitors such as Jetset and Harvey World including smaller independents

· The aging population in the area

· INTERNET AND PRICE COMPETITION: When the airlines were deregulated, price competition increased. Further, the Internet has provided a sales medium for consolidators who compete on price and has also given consumers the ability to plan and arrange trips for themselves. Thus, the traditional agency faces greater competition.

· ECONOMIC DOWNTURN: The strong domestic economy has been good for the travel and tourism industry. Continued growth is anticipated. However, unforeseen or unanticipated economic recession would reduce disposable income and threaten Harvard’s sales.


Competition in the Travel Industry in Harvard has increased over the past five years in line with the broader environment. This includes the presence of major players such a Harvey World and Jetset, as well as a number of smaller independent competitors who have recently opened in the new Harvard Park Shopping Centre.

Overall, there is a general lack of differentiation between the offerings of the major players and comparative information is readily available to consumers, resulting in price-based competition. This situation has been exacerbated by the extension of web-based travel sites, offering cut-price travel deals, together with the entry of Jetset and Virgin Blue offering flights and package deals at highly competitive rates.

In the travel industry, as in other industries, there are large national chains, small home-based businesses, consolidators on the Internet, etc. Direct national competitors include: Harvey World Travel, Jetset Tours, Virgin Blue, and Other smaller operators


Sales are generated through travel bookings the consultants make which include:

· Airline Bookings

· Accommodation bookings

· Car Hire

· Cruises

· Package tours

· Insurance Sales

Profit margins are highest with Package Tours and Cruises, each yielding a 14% profit, with insurance products yielding the highest with a 17% profit margin. Airline and accommodation bookings yield a 2% margin, however the airlines and major hotel chains offer agents incentives such as free trips and accommodation during monthly promotions, should they exceed a predefined number of bookings. Car hire yields the lowest margin of just 1%.


· Effectively segment the travel market and target Greek, Italian, Chinese and Vietnamese travelers.

· Successfully position us as travel specialists.

· Communicate the differentiation and quality of our offering through personal interaction and media.

· Develop a repeat-business base of loyal customers.


· Market growth projections for the travel industry and for domestic and international travel are accurate.

· National economic conditions, which are favorable to the travel industry, will not experience significant decline in the next five years.

· International conditions will remain favorable for service providers.

· Capability to produce effective, targeted communications that promote the benefits of adventure travel and Harvard’s focus and services.


· Due to a good economy, travel and tourism is growing.

· Population segments have different needs and wants. This requires effective target marketing.

· Internet sales threaten the traditional firm, and technological advances require greater knowledge and sophistication in most industries.

· International conditions, which are favorable, greatly affect the industry. Political unrest, military action, and other issues determine availability to many foreign destinations.


Continental Travel Group at Harvard believes that the goal of business is to create and keep customers. Its marketing strategy will reflect this goal as it builds its reputation in the Harvard area. Though Continental operates in the travel industry, it provides much more than travels. Continental Travel Group at Harvard offers people the ability to get away and remember how much they love the challenge and excitement of experiencing new holiday and travel ventures providing benefits that offer excitement, ear-to-ear grins, and a whole lot of fun. Harvard will also promote the benefits of its services. These benefits include saving time and money, and confidence in the vacation’s success.


Our Purpose

To bring travel to those who desire it.

Our People

Our company is nothing without our people, that’s why our health, well-being, and our personal and professional development are always of utmost importance.

Customer is King

We know that our customers are savvy and have a choice when it comes to their travel needs. We need to understand and serve their needs better than anyone else, so that we build their trust in us, and their loyalty to us.


· Customer – Double customer advocacy (i.e. recommending Continental Travel to friends and associates). Currently 33%

· Staff – Achieving 75% staff advocacy (i.e. staff recommending Continental Travel to people as a place to work) Currently 54%

· Become the market leader of Local and International travel in the Harvard area.


· Financial – Building the business from a Zero base, with 20% growth in turnover per annum.


· Harvard will target the following groups:

· Couples and individual travellers: This is the customer group that meets the demographic profile for travellers — ages 25-35, married, with household income greater than $50,000.

· Group travelers: These are groups that belong to local organizations.

· Corporate domestic and International travelers: Harvard will target local businesses in an attempt to secure corporate accounts.

· Harvard plans to focus its initial efforts on the International and Domestic travel market in the greater Harvard area. As Harvard Branch grows, marketing efforts will expand. The major purchasers that fit Continental Travel Group target market are located within the Greek, Italian, Chinese and Vietnamese community.


At present, Harvard does not have a customer base. Some of the Senior Travel Consultants have brought a number of their clients over to the new branch with them; however this is insufficient to sustain their own targets, let alone the performance of the entire branch. Of the travel enquiries received from customers to date, most appear to be interested in domestic holidays, with a fair mix of enquiries to international travel destinations such as Europe in particular.


19.1 Strategy 1: Develop brand recognition through the use of effective advertising, marketing communications and promotion. To build the Branch business from a Zero base with increases of 20% per annum.

Tactic: Develop a marketing mix designed to target the Harvard market.

Program: Print and electronic advertising campaign, using specialty publications and local radio as primary media.

Program: Use strategic alliances to conduct promotions and giveaways.

Tactic: Expand brand recognition to the national market through increased industry participation and presence.

Program: Utilize the networking benefits of industry associations, trade shows, and publications.

Program: Develop and promote Continental Travel Group website. The availability of information and the ability to schedule and purchase online will be beneficial to the customer and Continental Travel Group.

19.2 Strategy 2: Increase revenues and reduce costs by establishing repeat and corporate customers and to concentrate on doubling Customer advocacy to 33% over the next 12 months.

Tactic: Customer satisfaction program.

Program: Focus Harvard’s efforts on customization of domestic and International travel and utilization of its core competencies. Program: Post purchase and post trip follow-up. Research indicates that the communication between the firm and the customer after the sale positively influences repeat purchase.

Tactic: Corporate account acquisition.

Program: The corporate sales program will depend upon specialized literature and personal promotion. Corporate accounts generate recurring revenue and will help diversify Harvard’s sources of income.

Program: Corporate giveaway promotion. Trips will be awarded as prizes and will be promoted via local radio.

19.3 Strategy 3: Develop a strong cohesive and proficient team at the same time creating a workplace with high retention rate and equally high levels of job satisfaction and staff advocacy to 75%. Creating a high performance team culture and motivating and supporting the branch team to proactively grow the business and outperform its targets. Staff – Achieving 75% staff advocacy (i.e. staff recommending Continental Travel to people as a place to work) Currently 54%

Tactic: Conducting training and development activities to up skill staff Multi skill all existing staff to cover all areas of Travel and Bookings, OH&S, Company Policies, Standards and Procedures.

Program: Utilise all available training resources from all participating partners including Airline and Hotels, as well as any internal training facilities and resources within Continental Travel Group.

Tactic: Develop Career paths for Senior Consultants and Junior Travel Associates

Program: Provide Language courses for the development of dealing with people of Italian, Greek, Chinese and Vietnamese origin. Provide career progression to those that excel in what they achieve not only on seniority. Open avenues for high achievers into the corporate accounts portfolio and group bookings.

Tactic: Fast Track current demographic services

Program: Look at hiring potential candidates as part time Senior Consultants and Junior Travel Associates that already are multilingual.


Continental Travel Group at Harvard will employ a wide range of advertising communications and promotion to achieve its marketing goals. Research on the demographics of Harvard’s target market suggests that the most effective communications will come through advertising in several specialty publications and via local radio. In addition, direct interaction or promotion at local clubs, shopping malls, local sporting events, etc. will be part of Harvard’s marketing mix.


Harvard will sell standard travel agency goods and services including airfare and travel packages. Additional services will include assistance with passports, providing access to top-of-the-line equipment and supplies, and a superior offering that includes access to better than average travel offers, accommodations, and entertainment. The value added of Harvard’s offering is its knowledge and expertise, competitive rates, and specialty focus on International and Domestic travel, which will translate into increased assurance and satisfaction for the customer. Harvard’s decision to focus on International and Domestic travel was made because economic indicators suggest that an increased demand for this service exists and members of the Harvard team are an experienced and enthusiastic team. It is hoped that this enthusiasm will be communicated to the customer, and Harvard’s experience will translate into satisfaction and repeat business.


Much of Continental Travel pricing is determined by market standards. Harvard Branch will attempt to maintain margins of 20% on all airline travel. Margins on all other products and services vary depending upon the provider but are expected to average 20%. Harvard will make every effort to maintain a competitive pricing policy. However, as Harvard builds its reputation as the premier provider of International and Domestic travel, it expects to increase revenues with increased business.


During Harvard’s Continental Travel Group first year of operation, it will hold a grand opening and will organize and sponsor several local events. Events will include, among others, school sports, fun run, and any other community functions. Harvard Continental Travel Group will provide various travel packages and other items as prizes. All of Harvard Continental Travel Group employees belong to local clubs and will, through interaction with other members, promote Harvard’s services. During the grand opening and other events, Harvard Continental Travel Group will provide literature with information about trips and travel packages, resort specials. Negotiations with local clubs will commence and additional promotion will likely occur through these strategic alliances. Specialty rather than large national publications will serve as media vehicles for Harvard’s advertising. Local radio stations will also be used. Personal selling will also occur, though phone solicitation will be limited. Harvard Continental Travel Group plans to occasionally station sales personnel in locations around Harvard, such as the new shopping centre. Continental Travel’s at Harvard goal is to develop personal familiarity between its employees and the community.


Research on the travel and tourism industry will be purchased as necessary. Demographics and spending patterns of travelers will be secured and used to formulate communications strategy. Harvard Continental Travel Group will conduct customer surveys when a specific research problem is identified. Harvard Continental Travel Group subscribes to several industry publications and will attend trade shows to stay abreast of relevant issues.


Profit margins are highest with Package Tours and Cruises, each yielding a 14% profit, with insurance products yielding the highest with a 17% profit margin. Airline and accommodation bookings yield a 2% margin, however the airlines and major hotel chains offer agents incentives such as free trips and accommodation during monthly promotions, should they exceed a predefined number of bookings. Car hire yields the lowest margin of just 1%.

The marketing budget will be evaluated quarterly, and at the end of year one, adjustments will be made to advertising schedules, media vehicles, effective frequency, etc. as necessary.

The following issues are relevant to Harvard’s marketing efforts:

· As a start-up, Harvard Continental Travel Group has no baseline by which it can determine the effects of its marketing efforts on sales. Year two marketing activities will benefit from the financial results of year one operation.

·· The marketing budget has been established based on anticipated revenues. Harvard Continental Travel Group plans to employ the use of more sophisticated budgeting methods as a baseline is established.

· Much of Harvard’s Continental Travel Group marketing efforts will involve personal interaction with customers in the Harvard area. Harvard Continental Travel Group must attempt to conserve resources when possible, especially in the early stages of operation. Local community and business marketing and other activities will be critical to Harvard’s success.


Continental Travel Group at Harvard expects sales to be slow in the first and possibly second quarter of operation. Sales growth is estimated at 20% annually.

Continental Travel Group at Harvard anticipates that the majority of revenues, 75-80% will come from individual customers in the Harvard area in the first two years of operation. The remainder of revenues will come from corporate clients and national customers who purchase via the Internet. By year three, Continental Travel Group at Harvard hopes to capture more sales from corporate and national customers, thus growing it business in the Harvard area.

Preliminary goals for year three are:

· Harvard Local customers: 40%.

· Corporate customers: 30%.

· National Customers: 15%.

· Internet: 15%.


In Year two expenditures could easily double if Continental Travel Group at Harvard generates sufficient revenues. As efforts to communicate with the national and global markets increase, Harvard Branch expects to use several national publications for advertising. Doing so will be costly

Continental Travel Group at Harvard marketing efforts has been designed to improve sales. Harvard’s Branch Manager will be responsible for tracking the various programs. If measurable results are not realized, changes will be made to the marketing mix. Other factors, such as economic recession, sales below estimates, high costs associated with the use of certain media, and others may influence Harvard’s marketing budget and mix.

Continental Travel Group at Harvard anticipates that contribution margin will improve beginning in year three. By then, Harvard Branch will have developed a better mixture of revenue sources, strategic alliances, and brand equity. Corporate accounts will bring higher contribution margins, as will other group trips. Suppliers tend to give price breaks if the agency can book larger groups.


Continental Travel Group at Harvard marketing efforts will be reviewed quarterly. Variance between sales goals for the first year of operations and revenues will be Harvard’s only real source of comparison. Continental Travel Group at Harvard will seek customer feedback on marketing efforts and may conduct surveys or focus groups to test ad effectiveness.


· Continental Travel Group at Harvard grand opening event will take place in the first quarter. This will be a combined effort with the local Greek and Italian community club, 2 of Harvard Branch strategic alliances. The event will be hosted by a local radio station and will include a prize giveaway of a resort travel package within Australia.

· Continental Travel Group at Harvard will begin its corporate account marketing in the first quarter and hopes to secure at least one corporate account during that time.

· Continental Travel Group at Harvard website should be operational by the middle of the second quarter of operation. The website will be capable of online transactions with secure site protections. Continental Travel Group at Harvard banners will be placed at several Australian Web locations.

· Tracking of ad exposure will begin in the first month of operation. Harvard Branch has a designated 1800 number that is only used in advertising.


These are the issues that will most likely call for changes in Harvard’s operations. The threats and the manner with which they will be dealt are discussed:

30.1 INTERNET AND PRICE COMPETITION: When the airlines were deregulated, price competition increased. Further, the Internet has provided a sales medium for consolidators who compete on price, and has also given consumers the ability to plan and arrange trips for themselves. Thus the traditional agency faces greater competition. Continental Travel Group at Harvard plans to compete with other firms on the Internet by having its own website on which to conduct communications and sales. Price competition is a problem in any industry. Continental Travel Group at Harvard will not compete on price, mainly because it cannot win doing so. Continental Travel Group at Harvard will continue to communicate the benefits of its offering. It will attempt to remain competitively priced at the same time continue to offer best customer service in the Harvard area.

30.2 LOCAL COMPETITION (EXISTING AND POTENTIAL: There are several agencies in the Harvard area that specialize in both Domestic and International travel. However, we believe that we can provide the service and the right package. Moreover, additional travel specialists may follow Continental Travel Group at Harvard lead. Competition is already present. It is also possible that new agencies will enter the Harvard market with a similar offering. Continental Travel Group at Harvard will attempt to establish itself as a market leader and maintain that position if new competitors emerge. Additional safeguards include ongoing analysis of additional segments of the travel market in which Continental Travel Group at Harvard might successfully participate. In addition, opportunities for vertical and horizontal integration will be examined.

30.3 ECONOMIC DOWNTURN: The strong domestic economy has been good for the travel and tourism industry. Continued growth is anticipated. However, unforeseen or unanticipated economic recession would reduce disposable income and threaten Continental Travel Group at Harvard sales. In the event of an economic downturn, Continental Travel Group at Harvard will continue to promote and likely expand its offering.


Source by Andre Berlouis

Why You Ought to Go Absent for College or university

In the previous decade, an undergraduate degree or some other form of advanced schooling has turn into much more vital than at any time, to properly enter significant work. Right now, an undergraduate degree has the similar work obtainment electricity as the substantial faculty diploma did for previous generations. However, university is much more than just having a degree. Far more than at any time university is about obtaining genuine environment expertise, making everyday living-extended connections, and creating into a properly-rounded specific. There are so numerous concerns to believe about when going to university. What do I want my key to be? What do I want to do when I graduate? Etcetera. However, the most crucial issue may well be, where do I want to go to faculty? There are two crucial issues unrelated to key: Remain at or near to home? Shift significantly away from home?

Some of the most vital motives to go away to university are recounted here, as lived by me, a genuine live university senior.

one. It provides you bigger independence.

It will allow you to thrive in a way you are not able to if mother and dad are a five minute to one hour travel away, or in the subsequent area. If you might be however living at home you never ever get the probability to meet issues with out the crutch of a dad or mum coming as a result of the doorway momentarily.You have normally relied on your mother and father.The nearer they are, the less the possibilities to break that sample.

When you do not live at home there is no a person to wake you up in the early morning to make guaranteed you go to your 8am class, you merely have to be self-enthusiastic to be successful. Heading away to university will allow you to minimize the tie and learn to do points for oneself, whether or not it be environment up a dentist appointment, or in much more advanced many years, paying out your electric invoice.

2. It can be a probability to find out who you are

The typical university university student is however discovering who they are even though they are in university. Heading to a new position for university can open you up to encounters and people today you would never ever meet in your hometown. This can support form your everyday living and turn into who you want to be. Not who your mother and father want you to be. Not whom your childhood close friends and friends see you as. Something much more, some thing however modifying and however growing. Can you expand and change nearer to your mother and father. Of course, you can. However, people today typically say university is a time for experimentation. Currently being away at university allows you determine out, in an unfamiliar atmosphere, what you like, what you do not like, and what you want to do with your everyday living.

If you stay at home you are much more probably to retain executing what you have normally completed. This may well not be a lousy issue. However, shifting somewhere new could support you find out a totally distinct side of oneself. Micro-cultures are a fact. Heading away to faculty raises your possibilities to find out other suggestions, and means of living, relatively than sticking with the familiar and relaxed.

3. It pushes you out of your convenience zone

Commencing more than in a new position can be terrifying, especially when you do not know any individual. It is a really valuable talent to have and a person you will most likely will need immediately after university.

The typical specific demands to expertise new people today at some place in their everyday living, relatively than be surrounded by familiar faces. In purchase to learn how to handle people today and expand culturally as a man or woman, a person have to position by themselves in a new atmosphere with faces that are just about anything but familiar.

People today who are effective in the genuine environment know how to handle people today in distinct scenarios.They will need to adapt to currently being much more outgoing and social even if they are an introvert.These skills can be acquired by going to university away from home.

High faculty graduates wanting to go to university must give significant thing to consider to shifting away from home. Heading away for university presents additional possibilities for a university student to establish priceless genuine environment skills, forward of the peer who remains nearer to the home. It will boost their odds of meeting their complete possible, presented they realize self-self-discipline when it comes to class attendance and research.

Even though having a degree is the principal focal place in going to university, a person must not undervalue the numerous other added benefits of attending a university. Specifically a person miles away from home.

Source by Katherine McCann